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TIIM BuckToo Questionnaire (26 Questions)

It is RFD Systemsí policy to regard all information disclosed between parties as a result of this or any other RFD Systems questionnaire as proprietary, confidential and private. You can view our complete confidentiality and privacy statement here.
This questionnaire is used to provide RFD Systems with a general overview of your organizational billing, expense and general telecommunications infrastructure. It is not intended to be an analysis therefore all questions need not be answered. However, a more verbose response will allow you to communicate your needs more fully.

1. Is accurate directory information available for;
Employee Numbers:

Manager Numbers:

Project Numbers:

Work Area or Cost Center Numbers:

Account Codes:

2. Is your telecommunications environment both Centrex and PBX?
3. Do you rent or own your telecommunications equipment?
4. Is an accurate telecommunications inventory available?

To what degree?

5. Does a formal process exist to process telecommunication requests?

Is it centralized?

6. Are procedures in place to capture changes to your telecommunications inventory?
7. Please list your service providers by Country.
8. Are service agreements and contracts available?
9. Are telecommunication expenses budgeted?

By organization, Cost Center, Work Area or Project?

10. A billing key can be defined as a billing line item. 
Example: Telephone Line (number), Circuits, Cellular, Pager, Frame Relay, satellite account, etc.

List the approximate number and type of billing keys you would like to process.

11. List the approximate number and type of other  monthly recurring charges you would like to  process (Internet access, IM support, etc).
12. Briefly describe any internal charges you would like  to process if any. e.g.; printing, copying, video forum,  porter, office supplies, courier, real estate, etc.
13. Will Capital items be processed?
14. Will Non-Capital items be processed?
15. Will Credit Card billing be processed?
16. Does your accounting system lend itself to batch  processing?
17. Who will be provided with Summary and Detail  expense reports?
(accounting, employees, managers, corporate budget  consultants)
18. Will these reports be disseminated by you or by  RFD Systems?
19. Will expenses be Employee, Project or Work Area  specific?
20. Will associated expenses be prorated to employees by project, positive time reporting or other method?
21. Is a monthly billing and Fraud audit required?
22. Will overpayments be pursued from service providers?
23. Does your organization intend to process in-house  with TIIM Enterprise?
24. Does your organization intend to subscribe to  TIIM BuckToo?
25. How soon would you like to implement or subscribe?
26. If you feel there is something else we need to know,  please enter it here.

Tell us how to get in touch with you:

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.


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