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Telecom Fraud Costs North Americans $4 Billion A Year!
Stolen Long Distance is a business. Selling stolen long-distance service is a well-organized business. These "businesses" maintain a customer base and provide repeat business to them. By stealing long-distance service, fraudsters can resell it at very low rates and still make a profit.

We want to tell you how fraudsters are stealing from you.
However, we do not want this web site to "plant a seed" in the minds of those looking for more and better ways to elude detection to steal your money. While some schemes target everyone, others are more discriminating and selective and target large corporations.

When fraudsters select a large company as a source of revenue, the amounts stolen from them are usually the same as a simple line charge (deliberately small and insignificant). These amounts are increased over time to avoid detection until the fraudsters begin raking in, quite literally, millions from the same corporation every year.

What is fraud costing you?
Blatant fraudsters know most companies don't check their billing for irregularities. How do you check a 4 thousand page phone bill? Chances are, you check this months amount against last months amount and if it looks "OK" then you just pay it. A $3 thousand recurring cellular or bandwidth theft can be overlooked if you don't have the tools in place to detect it.

Raising awareness within your organization will substantially reduce your telecom expenses.
If each employee were to reduce phone usage by 2.5 minutes per day, the savings for just 200 employees at a cost of $0.08 per minute, for example, would be over $10,000 per year.

Reconciling your telecommunications billing will expose billing errors.
Overcharges of $10,000 per month/year for a Company with a Net Profit margin of 9.00% needs to add Gross Sales of $111,000 per month/year to replace the overcharges! Want to know more?

Are all your disconnects processed by your service provider?
No their not! Effective asset management is paramount. Eliminate and recover charges for unused or un-needed lines or circuits. If a disconnect order was issued several years ago, you can recover the costs.


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