Want to save money?


TIIM BuckToo

Leverage our expertise and reduce your telecommunications expenses and resource requirements, increase your productivity, and free your staff for more strategic activities. You can do this while increasing your service level and bringing new efficiencies to your communications and budgeting processes.

A TIIM BuckToo subscription provides telecommunication billing consolidation and reconciliation, cost containment and recovery, fraud detection and control, and chargebacks. 

We can produce expense detail or summary reports for your budgeting process, individual employees, project or cost center managers, and chargeback accounting files for batch processing. The expense reports can be disseminated to your people by us or accessed directly on our secured (Secure Socket Layer or SSL) Web servers to ensure privacy.

Most billing auditing companies demand up to 50% of recovered over-payments. The "fees" can climb into the millions of dollars, a TIIM BuckToo subscription ensures you recover what you are owed

All for minimal monthly subscription fees from $0.25 per Billing Key*. 

What is Fraud costing you?

* Billing Keys can be defined as data lines, main lines, fax lines, cellular numbers, pager numbers, etc...


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