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Our Core Services


We can help you produce financial "Quick Wins".
Leverage RFD Systems' expertise to manage your billing, telecommunications assets and produce your organizations expense reports, Chargeback files, and billing error reports. All reports are accessible on our secured (Secure Socket Layer or SSL) servers via the Internet where your employees can access their monthly expense reports or have them delivered to you for dissemination to your organization in any format you choose. Your Privacy is our policy.

Service provider evaluation and selection.
The rapid growth of  telecommunications technology has created new challenges, and new opportunities. We can help you sort through the complexities.

We can answer your questions. What is Voice Over IP? What about VOIP quality? Are you paying the advertised rate? Do you think your service provider applies the tariff rules automatically? Are you paying too much?

Co-Sourcing is a strategic partnership between your company and RFD Systems. It is our premier offering, embracing all our services. While outsourcing is linked to accomplishing business tasks, Co-Sourcing services are entirely tied to improving our customers’ business performance and reducing overall telecommunications operational expenses. 

Characteristics of Co-Sourcing include sharing responsibility for success, measuring outcomes delivered in terms of the customer’s individual business objectives and value-based compensation.

ASP Services and the benefits.
As an Application Service Provider (ASP) we can deliver application software via the Internet through an outsourcing contract and provide companies with an information technology solution tailored to their organizational goals and  architecture without modifying legacy systems. The benefits of our ASP services include:

  • Low capital costs - using our ASP Services eliminates the need for your company to develop, purchase and manage large and complex applications. It also eliminates the need to have the expertise to run, maintain and upgrade these applications.
  • Low risk - implementing our ASP solutions does not require a large investment in development, hardware, support staff or ongoing maintenance and support so the risk to your company is much lower.
  • Quick time to market - our ASP solutions are already developed and therefore can be implemented more quickly than an internal solution enabling you to reduce your time to market and realize benefits faster.

It's all in the Architecture.
The TIIM technology Architecture has been evolving for over ten years. Think of it as ten years of R&D that you can have at your disposal. 

  • EDI Based Relational Database.
    The TIIM core relational database technology is derived from RFD Systems implementation of the TCIF EDI ANSI X.12 Standards. Most notably, the Consolidated Invoices - or the 811 dataset. This ensures an accurate and efficient dissimilar invoice consolidation in record time.
  • Integration.
    TIIM knows where the weak links are in matching Corporate Directory information (even if it is inaccurate), Project or Cost Center information, Accounting, Inventory, and Electronic Billing. The results are a purified inventory, accurate chargebacks, an effective cost containment tool, and one very powerful reporting tool.
  • Very Thin Client.
    No client installation needed so you can hit the ground running at minimal costs. 
  • TIIM Server.
    With a TIIM BuckToo ASP subscription you don't need any.

    If you would require an in-house implementation, TIIM Enterprise can run on a Pentium 90, 2Gig HD, running Windows 95, 98, NT4, or 2019.
    (Based on a 1000 employee organization.)
  • Ease of Use.
    All our systems were built with the clerical position in mind so you can free you technical staff for more strategic activities.


Our Core Services

TIIM BuckToo is an ASP offering. However, "in-house" implementations can be arranged.

TIIM family of products are more than telecommunications management. TIIM products were designed with simplicity in mind and ease of use. All of the applications are available individually or as a married application with point and click functionality giving you a complete telecommunication management arsenal, which includes:

  • Production of billing Chargeback.

  • Full administration of manual Chargeback to enable Chargeback adjustments (Recasting) and organizational internal recurring charges (e.g. Internet access).

  • Inventory administration for unlimited asset or service types.

  • Service Order processing and tracking.

  • Web-enabled Technician Job Tracking and Scheduling system.

  • Billing Consolidation, Reconciliation, with personnel and interactive OLAP executive reporting.

  • Electronic Billing processing and loading.

  • Intuitive management and querying of all Asset types, Billing, Service Orders, and employee.

  • Maximum automation and integration of all systems and sub-systems.

By utilizing these tools, a TIIM user can create high impact presentations within minutes. In comparison, other DOS-based and MS Windows competitive packages can take up to several days to process electronic billing and produce output. A TIIM BuckToo subscription reduces resource requirements, all but eliminates training, greatly increases productivity, and speeds implementation cost recovery dramatically. TIIM is built upon its reputation for accuracy, flexibility, quality of support, and ease of use.

Customers with more than one location may include the entire enterprise to establish a central architecture that will consolidate and reconcile all electronic billing for all assets for all employees and manage all resources for all locations or districts. The TIIM BuckToo architecture seamlessly provides a networked telemanagement and reporting system.

The following products are completely independent yet can be seamlessly merged into one system.

Due to the complexities of today’s growing telecommunications environments and corporate architectures, some customization is needed.

TIIM BuckToo operates within a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environment in a multi-leveled secured facility.

Look at TIIM BuckToo's powerful Reporting!


Call Accounting Software
The Call Accounting software is used to collect data from telephone calls (generally from electronic billing), and to reconcile the billing against the telecommunication inventory (generally from the Private Branch Exchange or "PBX", and/or an existing maintained inventory). Call details are placed into a database and can be sorted, summed, and printed in a variety of report formats. Among the reports are billing error reports outlining errors discovered in the billing and inventory offering suggestions to correct the errors. Implementation of the software's suggestions can materially reduce most companies' cost per minute. A Call Accounting system can generate savings ranging between 10 and 40 percent of the total number of minutes used each month, compared to telecommunication networks without call accounting.

Savings are realized when call accounting allows a company to increase the efficiency of its telecommunications network, reduce the minutes of usage, reduce and purify their telecommunication inventory, and recover overpayments made to telecommunication service providers. If each employee were to reduce phone usage by 2.5 minutes per day, the savings for 200 employees at a cost of $0.08 per minute, for example, would be over $10,000 per year. Overcharges of $10,000 per month/year for a Company with a Net Profit margin of 9.00% needs to add Gross Sales of $111,000 per month/year to replace the overcharges.

This software can be used in conjunction with the Asset Management software to provide consolidated reports of all telecommunications related expenses incurred by a user or over a specific time period. Reports include usage details and summary for employees, projects, managers, and cost centers. Administrative reports are also produced to identify suspected asset, toll and usage fraud; and inventory errors and billing errors.

TIIM is designed to work with the user's existing telephone system and information technology architecture. Although we do not manufacture computers we can provide complete turnkey solutions including computers upon customer request.

Our Call Accounting systems do not require insertion of additional expansion boards into a computer. An end user's computer does not need to be dedicated to perform only call accounting functions under a Windows-based operating system (all former and current versions of Microsoft Windows). The Call Accounting software configures to fit your accounting system so you don't have to change the way you operate.


Asset Management Software
The Asset Management Software is comprised of the Asset Management, Corporate Directory, and Chargeback modules.
  • Asset Management module: 
    This module greatly simplifies the traditional asset and resource identification and allocation function. The Asset Management software works in harmony with our Call Accounting software or as a separate standalone application to reduce the user's cost by assigning responsibility and re-allocating costs, and by tracking and maintaining a purified asset inventory. 

    As a component of TIIM, the Asset Management module allows the user to track different types of assets. Types of assets are; cellular telephones, pagers, telephone lines, and circuits; and may include other non-telecom assets such as computer hardware and peripherals, polycom conference units, projectors, etc. Inventory item responsibility is associated to employees, projects, cost centers or managers. 

  • Corporate Directory module:
    The Corporate Directory module works in conjunction with the Call Accounting software and Asset Management modules or can be used as a standalone Corporate Directory.

    As a component of TIIM, the Corporate Directory module allows the user to maintain the traditional mix of employee information: number, email address, projects, phone number, site location, cost allocation (60% to project A and 40% to project B) and such. The Corporate Directory can be maintained by the user or refreshed as a periodic mapped import (snapshot) of an existing corporate directory. This directory is used to associate the responsible employees and associated asset inventory to the billing during reconciliation.

  • Chargeback module: (billback)
    The Chargeback module works in conjunction with the Call Accounting software or can be used as a standalone application. The manual Chargeback module allows the user to create and maintain a database of current or recurring charges to be directed or re-directed to individual users, projects or cost centers. 

    When used in concert with TIIM, all associated telecommunications charges and manually created charges are consolidated at the customer specified level to produce a Chargeback file as output. This level can be at the Group, Employee, Project or Cost Center. The Chargeback file can be in any format specified so existing accounting systems do not have to be modified.

    The created Chargeback batch-processing file has entries that re-allocates costs to the responsibility centers involved. The accounting Chargeback file format (usually fixed width or delimited text) is established by the customer during configuration.


Service Order Software
The Service Order software was created on the Lotus Notes Domino platform to take advantage of strong Notes workflow and Web capabilities.

The Service Order software has an intuitive interface for ordering telecommunication services or products and implements an approval process for telecommunication requests. The Service Order application also provides a platform to assess the performance of a supplier with regards to meeting dates on requests for services. Requests can be for voice, data, and Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs); and for new, existing, home or office installations.

This rules based application provides a powerful web-enabled enterprise wide telecommunications ordering and tracking system that enables employees and project managers access to their telecommunications inventories, request and capture telecommunications supplier commitment for each order (e.g. due dates, costs), and the ability to easily issue requests for telecommunication products and services.


Technician Tracking and Appointment System (TASS)
TASS is a powerful web-enabled Lotus Domino Job Tracking and Appointment Scheduling System that can be seamlessly integrated with the all TIIM Systems and sub-systems to further your productivity. Features include:

  • Schedule and re-assign job online based on location or districts.

  • Time Reporting for appointments.

  • Route jobs to different suppliers.

  • Online Executive Reporting

  • Seamless integration with the Service Order and the Asset Management systems.



TIIM BuckToo
Our flagship product is TIIM BuckToo, which is a strategic partnership between the customer and RFD Systems. It is our premier offering, embracing all our services. TIIM BuckToo is entirely tied to improving our customers' business performance and reducing overall telecommunication expenses. 

With TIIM BuckToo, telecommunications management functions can be assigned to RFD Systems in whole or in part. TIIM BuckToo's modular architecture easily provides many possible configurations that allow us to customize a solution for specific organizations. See images 1, 2 and 3 at the bottom of this document for architectural examples.

As a subscription service, TIIM BuckToo provides a wide variety of options from processing and report generation to full telecommunication management services. Characteristics of TIIM BuckToo include sharing responsibility for success, measuring outcomes delivered in terms of the customer's individual business objectives and value-based compensation.


Product Support and Subscription Services
We obtain and resell third-party hardware, primarily workstations or servers when requested by the customer. In addition, we provide an option for our customers for system installation, and training costs associated with familiarizing customers with TIIM systems.

We renew product support and subscription agreements for customers on an annual basis. Renewal entitles a client to unlimited access to our Product Support Center and receipt of any product updates throughout the year. 

We also offer enhancements to and support of systems after the first year of use.

System pricing varies with organizational and telecommunication infrastructure complexities. 


View Sample Implementation Architectures

TIIM BuckToo (ASP Subscription Service)

TIIM BuckToo (Partial ASP Subscription Service)

TIIM Enterprise (In-House)

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