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We are Telecommunications Management

We have been helping business deal with information technology since 1986 and exclusively telecommunications management since 1992.

We provided Telecommunications Billing consolidation and reconciliation subscription services. Our flagship product, TIIM BuckToo, is designed to reduce a company's human, systems, and financial resource requirements while delivering monthly audited telecommunications billing. 

We can provide you with Chargeback files, summary and detail reports for fraud and billing errors, employee expense and usage, project expense and usage, and Cost Center or Work Area expense and usage. Reporting is delivered via our secured (Secure Socket Layer or SSL) web sites at  www.TIIMBuckToo.com and www.TIIM.com.

Overcharges from audited billing is also recovered. The billing is audited for Usage, Toll, Other Charges and Credits, Recurring Charges, Tariffs, Fraud and more.

We also design, and develop software systems that assist companies in managing their telecommunications and associated expenses in-house. These software systems can operate on personal computers, local area networks, and Intranets or Extranets. 

Our software systems provide tools to facilitate telecommunications inventory and expense control; client, department, or project billback; and fraud control and prevention. 

These systems can meet the simple needs of a 20-person office or the complex needs of a multi-site Fortune 500 corporation. 

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